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Annual Event Calendar of the biggest informational portal of sex industry news XBIZ

XIV International erotic Project “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures” is spinning up and now it is included into the Annual Event Calendar of the biggest informational portal of sex industry news XBIZ: http://www.xbiz.com/calendar/

News | 2016 Jan 23 |

Sex and robots. How technologies will change our sexual life?

Directors and writers of the XX century thought that robots would conquer the world. Now we think how we will replace our sexual partners with them. If you dream how to have sex with a robot, I congratulate you: you aren’t alone.

News | 2016 Jan 15 |

Why does female erotic lingerie excite men so much?

According to Fox news reports and scientists-neurophysiologists experiments from the USA it is found out why men like women in erotic lingerie so much. They announced results of the discover during the meeting of neurophysiological society.

News | 2016 Jan 13 |

The member of two porno glory halls is going to teach sexual education

The Italian director and the actor of movies for adults Rocco Siffredi started the online petition for input of sexual education lessons at schools of the country. The member of two porno glory halls declared that he was ready to conduct lessons by himself.

News | 2015 Dec 27 |

The Polish athletes took off their clothes for the calendar

Who can accuse the Polish athletes of undressing and taking some pictures for the calendar after the tough and stressful trainings?

News | 2015 Dec 20 |

In search of a new perfection

In 2016 we suggest you starting Your personal search of the New Perfection in the World of erotic industry.

News | 2015 Dec 16 |

The world of fashion photo

The Spanish artist Xavi Moya is the celebrated personality in the world the fashion photo. The author considers that his main task is to transmit a certain magic through the photos.

News | 2015 Dec 11 |

The photographer turns women into live sculptures

The Italian pictorialist Guido Ardzhentini seeks to show all refinement and grace of female body in his works. His project “Silver Look” consists of the really delightful photos where You can see how the artist turned women into live statues, having covered their bodies with special silver paint.

News | 2015 Dec 10 |

Good sex does not need instructions

Jeju Island – the most famous island in Korea, and, perhaps, not only in Korea. It is often and rightly called the “Pearl of Korea” or “Korean Hawaii” because of the unique nature, mild sub-tropical climate, beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and numerous museums.

News | 2015 Dec 08 |


In London there took place the exhibition of erotic achievements — Sexpo-2015. Sexpo (Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo) is the world’s largest information and entertaining event for those who is vividly interested in questions of sensuality and sexuality.

News | 2015 Nov 23 |

до выставки


From America with love

There is no sex in Russia, is there?

2016 Sep 15

MoRe $eXa: erotic open season #XShow18+ in Moscow

Where to catch erotic wave in Moscow?

2016 Jun 29

The brightest shots of #XShow2016!

Thank you for orgznizing this erotic festivl, for your kindness and cooperation.

2016 Jun 28

We have rocked this summer!

There was everything that could be dreamt of either you are daring dreamer or experienced expert.

2016 Jun 28

Everything you want to know about sex but afraid to ask!

Come and don’t be afraid of your desires. Sincerity can keep your relations, by adding a bit of spice to the usual sex.

2016 мая 30

Arina Vintovkina’s Sex chat – Info partner of “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures”

“Very convenient! Girls tell themselves what and how they should be treated!”

2016 мая 28

To dress or to undress – that is the question!

Company RU-ПОСТЕЛЬ at the booth “Erotics and bed» is eager to enrich Your erotic evening.

2016 мая 27

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