Partner Program

Please see the Partnership variants below, choose the desirable ones and order the additional individual options:

1) Information Partner:

  1. Placement of the logo and slogan on advertising and informational carriers, namely:
  2. in modular advertizing,
  3. on posters announcements,
  4. on invitation cards,
  5. on flyers,
  6. in press releases,
  7. on the back of professionally equipped display space,
  8. on the web-site of the Exhibition and other advertizing carriers.
  9. Preparation, e-mailing of press release publications about the cooperation in general and about all events done on the partner basis.
  10. Granting a scene (or a conference room on the Exhibition area) for carrying out contests or presentations.
  11. The right to advertize Your company as the Information partner of the Exhibition and all the actions with the indication of the Exhibition name (including its place and date) in mass media (including usage of the Exhibition logo).
  12. Providing VIP-invitation cards for the Exhibition (on agreement).
  13. Placement of outdoor advertizing objects on the Exhibition area.
  14. Distribution of advertizing materials among the participants and visitors of the Exhibition.
  15. The right for taking photos of all Exhibition events, with material usage afterwards with the indication of the Exhibition name (including its place and date).
  16. Accreditation of mass media representatives (on agreement).

2) Official Partner of the «XShow 18+» Show-program:

  1. Branded Party,
  2. Fancy-dress DRESS CODE for exhibitors,
  3. The Territory of temptation — interactive game for all visitors,
  4. Cybernetic miracle «Live doll» Show,
  5. GameZone 18+, interactive erotic activities,
  6. You are COSMOS, baby!, beauty and art design contest.

3) Exhibitor of «XShow 18+»:

  • Equipped display space,
  • Unequipped display space.

If You have already come up with Your own ideas how to make the party roll off — please contact  us — we will be glad to implement Your plan! We will be glad to see You on «XShow 18+», May 19-21th, 2016.

Sincerely Yours,«XShow 18+» Administration.