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Contest! Get FREE invitation for three days of Exhibition “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures”!

To become the owner of two tickets, you are to perform one erotic task according to your choice: take sexy photos, or tell about your brightest sexual experience.

News | 14.05.2016 |

New time – new participant!

Sweety-shop: the seductive erotic lingerie collection only at Exhibition “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures”!

News | 13.05.2016 |

Erotic theater Guilty coquettes and …

Алиса Шпиллер постоянная участница выставки #«XShow 18+, мир взрослых удовольствий». Ее выступления красочные и запоминающиеся

News | 13.05.2016 |

Everybody has a crisis – and we have the Exhibition!

If you got lost in lots of gifts and have not found anything to surprise your lover, then it is a must for you to visit the Exhibition # “XShow 18+, the world of adult pleasures” – search for the booth of “Buro nakhodok” company.

News | 07.05.2016 |

Feel the Vulcan of emotions and learn all Hot Secrets.

Elitafarm company represents the wide range of products for adults that will allow you to enjoy the intimacy in the new way.

News | 30.04.2016 |

Crisis is not a problem for starting a new business!

The ERFA MSC company specializes in sale of intimate masseurs, vibrators, cock rings, dildos, sex dolls and masturbators.

News | 29.04.2016 |

FunTattoo.ru is all about tattoo and even a little bit more… ;)

And if the tattoo is language of a body, then the FunTattoo.ru Internet magazine is a native-speaker of tattoo language.

News | 28.04.2016 |

Explore the EROTIC GEOMETRY of “ArtofDistress” world in XShow 18+ Exhibition

Yury Fadeyev is an architect, the artist and the personality with a wide range of interests. His project “Art of Distress” represents graphics which main subject is bdsm that again gains popularity and becomes a public subject as the subculture phenomenon.

News | 25.04.2016 |

Brand New participant Star of ЭrotiC $inema France – John!

Brand New participant Star of ЭrotiC $inema France – John! The main male magazine Men’s Health has marked John as the bright personality and real guru of sex-topic nowadays.

News | 15.04.2016 |

Me in You blog about sex and the relations has become the official information partner of the erotic project

Me in You blog about sex and the relations has become the official information partner of the erotic project

News | 06.04.2016 |

Prior to the beginning of “XShow 18+, the world of adult pleasures” remained 60 days

Prior to the beginning of “XShow 18+, the world of adult pleasures” remained 60 days

News | 02.04.2016 |

Main pluses of sex

Sex is the integral component of happy life. It gives us the pleasant moments, satisfaction and brings benefit to our health. Let’s see which ones exactly.

News | 17.03.2016 |

Sex standing position helps to lose weight

Those women who made love in vertical standing, lost weight by three-five kilograms in two weeks. By the way, they didn’t change food allowance and led their former lifestyle.
“The secret is simple:

News | 07.02.2016 |

Sex-shops are engaged in import substitution

The sex-shop rating is made by the service 2GIS which is engaged in creation of cards and reference books of all organizations in the Russian Federation. According to their data, there are in St. Petersburg 2,6 shops for adults, in Moscow – 1,8 sex shops make the share of 100 thousand of the population. Yekaterinburg with the indicator of 7,8 is the leader of the rating.

News | 01.02.2016 |

Japanese are fond of silicone girlfriends

In the Country of rising sun “relations” for that it isn’t required to meet living girls and suffer from their whims gain popularity recently. The advanced sex industry is ready to offer the fine dolls almost indistinguishable from the real women and helps the wealthy Japanese men to rescue.

News | 29.01.2016 |

till exhibition


From America with love

There is no sex in Russia, is there?


MoRe $eXa: erotic open season #XShow18+ in Moscow

Where to catch erotic wave in Moscow?


The brightest shots of #XShow2016!

Thank you for orgznizing this erotic festivl, for your kindness and cooperation.


We have rocked this summer!

There was everything that could be dreamt of either you are daring dreamer or experienced expert.


Everything you want to know about sex but afraid to ask!

Come and don’t be afraid of your desires. Sincerity can keep your relations, by adding a bit of spice to the usual sex.


Arina Vintovkina’s Sex chat – Info partner of “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures”

“Very convenient! Girls tell themselves what and how they should be treated!”


To dress or to undress – that is the question!

Company RU-ПОСТЕЛЬ at the booth “Erotics and bed» is eager to enrich Your erotic evening.


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