About Exhibitions in Russia

In Russia the first industrial “Erotica” Exhibition took place in St. Petersburg, then it took place in Rostov-on-Don: “Eros – Beauty. Intimacy. Health”, both passed in 1998. In Moscow the first time the International specialized Exhibition with the name “Eros Moscow” took place in 2002 in spring. It became the unique event that recorded the sex industry establishment in our country. Every next year of carrying out this bright and memorable event showed the obvious positive dynamics by quantity of exhibitors and visitors: the quantity of exhibitors and visitors grows from year to year.

Since the beginning of the project, the central art event of each Exhibition is the Art salon “Naked World” where the hundreds of sculptors, artists, and photographers participate. The charming visitors of the Exhibition participate in the competition “Ideal Nature” that is organized within the frames of Art salon, posing for the working artists. In 2008 the Exhibition received the new dynamic and bright name “X’show-Exhibition for adults”.

Exhibition sale of goods for adults

Visitors, participants and guests of the Exhibition can not only get acquainted with the exposition and atten the Show Program, they can also acquire goods, interesting for them. The excellent opportunity for the Exhibition participants is the option to acquaint the new audience with their production and increase the number of the regular customers.

Advertizing and PR

Central, regional branches and entertaining Media, including TV channels and radio stations participate in comprehensive coverage of the Exhibition. Plots, interviews, reportings, articles about the Exhibition events can become excellent opportunity for advance of the participating companies and their production.

Numerous visitors are attracted by the fascinating Show Program, unusual competitions, gallery Art salon works and Exposition staginess.

Subject of an exposition

At the Exhibition the whole range of adult products  is represented: toys and souvenirs, production of medical appointment, intimate cosmetics, perfumery, exercise machines, erotic female and male lingerie, fetish clothes and accessories, etc. As ususal, the specialized literature, media and television will participate.