Exhibition Schedule




Building Display area 1 June, Wednesday 00:00-15:00
Installation of Exclusive Booths* 1 June, Wednesday 8:00–22:00
Move-in of Exhibit items and Booth arangement (equipped display area) 1 June, Wednesday 15:00-22:00
Distribution of the permanent access badges 1 June, Wednesday 17:00-20:00
Work of the Exhibition pavilion Exhibition is opened for Guests 2,3 June, Thursday and Friday 10:30-22:30


Work of the Exhibition pavilion Exhibition is opened for Guests 4 June, Saturday 10:30-24:00


Exhibit items export** 4 June, Saturday 21:00-24:00
Dismantling of Exhibition Booths 4 June, Saturday 21:30-24:00

* You can learn more details about the opportunity and cost of other Building options and modes and extension of installation/dismantle in the Technical Service of the Bulding company.

**Untimely dismantle and export of the exposition items from the Display area involves the penalty.

Important! For arrival on the Dispay area exhibitors are obliged to have the following documents with themselves:

  1. Application-Contract with the Exhibitor signature and seal – 2 pieces.
  2. Copy of the bank transfer order.
  3. The power of attorney on the right of signing of “The act of the rendered services” or two copies of “The act of the rendered services” filled, signed and certified by the Exhibitor. The Act form You can receive in advance.
  4. The “PERMISSION to import/export of exhibit items”, filled and signed with the management of the Exhibitor company.