Exhibition Information

The International Erotic Exhibition «XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures»

The exhibition unites the exhibitors advancing the unique and high-quality goods and services.

At the Exhibition the whole range of adult products  is represented: toys and souvenirs, production of medical appointment, intimate cosmetics, perfumery, exercise machines, erotic female and male lingerie, fetish clothes and accessories, etc.

Exhibition aim: establishment and development of the healthy society relation to the questions of intimate life and increase of awareness level of the people in the fileds of sexual culture and sexual health.

The sexual culture standards are reflected in such spheres as creativity, education, awareness and media that participate in the project coverage.

Topic sections

Erotic shop, Exhibition section:

  • Toys and souvenirs for adults;
  • Products for harmonization of intimate relations.

Medicine, Exhibition section:

  • Medical devices and products;
  • Medical improving centers;
  • Pharmaceutical products.

Lingerie Show, Exhibition section:

  • Corset lingerie;
  • Alluring lingerie;
  • Correcting lingerie.

Erotic beauty, Exhibition section:

  • Cosmetics and perfumery;
  • Phytocosmetics, dietary supplements (BAAs);
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Fitness and yoga, SPA.

Fetish Fashion, Exhibition section:

  • Skin and latex Fetish Clothing, accessories.


  • TV and radio;
  • Printing editorials;
  • Advertizing agencies.

Erotica Life, art and photo project:

  • Painting;
  • Graphics;
  • Sculpture;
  • Photo.

Show program:

Includes striptease, burlesque show, latex show, fashion show of erotic lingerie, night clubs performance. The Show program alternates with competitions and draws for visitors.


  • The territory of “Temptation”, interactive game for visitors;
  • Live Doll, cybernetic show;
  • Ero Game, the best board game for adults;
  • You simply Cosmos! beauty and design contest.

Business program:

  • round tables;
  • seminars and workshops;
  • consultations.

Flirt party for people in search of life partner “Find Your happiness”.

Whom do we want to see on “Flirt party”?

  • Men aged 30 years and older, and also women after 25 years, who wish to get acquainted; the positively adjusted; leading active lifestyle; those who constantly develop and ready to discover something new; who assume responsibility for their life and understand its basis. Those who are longing for new feelings and emotions, new opening!

Special XShow AWARD:

  • It is founded for identification of the most active figures, the companies, brands, distributors, night clubs, etc. working in Adult industry.

PR campaign 

is aimed at the creation of the information field around the Exhibition for the purpose of attraction of exhibitors, business audience and increase of the quantity of visitors and change of their quality.

  • Print media
  • TV and radio advertizing
  • Internet media
  • Banners in Moscow Metro
  • Foreign media and exhibitions
  • Work in social networks: VK, Odnoklassniki, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, my world, etc.
  • Sale of entrance tickets through the coupons web-sites
  • VIP-tickets, flyers, Exhibition web-site, newsletter and press releases, newspaper for the Exhibition “Industry News”

People under 18 years are not allowed!