Application for AccreditationGeneral rules of Media Accreditation for the International Erotic Exhibition “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures”.

Dear Sirs!

The subject of the exposition, composite and art decisions of the Exhibition are intellectual property of the Organizers.

Due to this reason:

  1. For work at the Exhibition all Media members are to fulfill the Accreditation Procedure.
  2. Accreditation grants the right of free pass to the Exhibition, visits of all events held in the territory of the Exhibition hall, receiving printing materials and press releases.
  3. The Media members, who wish to receive the Accreditation, need to send the Official Demand to the Exhibition Press Center: on the Form of the edition certified by the press and the signature of the Editor-in-chief with the indication of the address, the web-site, e-mail and phone of the edition, with the surname, contact phone and e-mail of the Media executive. The organizer reserves the right of checking the authenticity of the submitted application.
  4. Demands for the Accreditation are accepted till 30.05.2016 inclusive.
  5. The number of the accredited Media members is limited: for printing, radio and Internet media – 2 persons, for television – 4 persons.
  6. The nominal badge for work at the Exhibition is given at the entrance on the “Accreditation of mass media” Booth, in the presence of the issued and certified Demand for Accreditation, and upon the presentation of the existing Media certificate. The nominal badge isn’t valid for other employees of the edition.
  7. The publication of photo materials in the printed or electronic form, demonstration of video records is allowed only with reference to the shooting place – “XShow 18+, world of adult pleasures”.
  8. Usage of the completed shooting materials in the context causing commercial or moral damage to the Exhibition Organizers/Exhibitors is forbidden.
  9. The accredited Media members can be deprived of the Accreditation for distribution of the untrue data discrediting honor, advantage of the Exhibition Organizers/Exhibitors.

Application for Accreditation

Dear Media Members!

In case of any questions connected with the Participation in the Exhibition, including:

  • Informational Partnership
  • Participation
  • PR-activities arrangement
  • Organization of the interview with the organizers and participants
  • Additional information about the Exhibition, photos and video materials, etc.
  • Media conferences
  • Accreditation for work at the Exhibition, etc.

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